Frequently Asked Questions...

Why should I sell to you?

My name is Randy, I have dealt in toys and collectibles nearly all my life. I bought my first pack of baseball cards in 1980 and have bought and sold toys and collectibles since I was 15 years old, having over 35 years of experience. I worked 18 years in a collectible store learning as much as I could in regards to the hobby. I took that knowledge and have now become one of the largest buyers of the items below in the country. No collections are too large or too far to travel to.

Unlike auction houses where you are subjected to a 30% or more seller's fee, we assign no fee to look at a collection or purchase a collection. Auctions are risky as a price for an item is never guaranteed and you never know who will be at the auction interested in your item. We make a guaranteed cash offer and pay you immediately for your items. Never do we sell on consignment where you wait for your money; we buy everything outright at the time we meet you.

I do my best to make a fair offer so the customer gets the most for each item. Our numerous online reviews are proof of that as seen on Facebook, Yelp and other social media platforms.

We do not just buy one type of item; we buy a vast array of things as shown in the hundreds of photos on our site. This helps with customers not having to contact numerous places to sell their items, as they can bring everything to us or have us travel to their location.

If coming to see you, we do all the work of removing the items from the location after payment is made. In most cases, an agreement is made on the first trip and items are taken right away.

What type of items do you buy?

We buy all sorts of toys and collectibles. Items do not need to be new in the pack as we buy much more out of the package or used items than new. Many of the items we buy include:

  • Vintage and modern toys of all sorts
  • Diecast such as Hot Wheels, Matchbox, Corgi, Johnny Lightning, Dinky. All scales such as 1/64, 1/24 and 1/18
  • Tin and windup toys
  • Action Figures
  • Sports Cards and Sports Memorabilia
  • Pokemon cards
  • Barbies
  • Comics
  • Trains
  • Models
  • Movie and music memorabilia such as autographs, posters, photos, magazines, albums
  • Advertising items such as posters, signs, photos
  • Historical and Military items

Are there items you do not buy?

We do not buy antique items such as glassware, furniture, or toy collectible items such as Beanie Babies or Fast Food toys.

Do you travel to look at collections?

We travel all over the country to look at collections. If you are a distance away, then we will ask for photos or a listing of the collection to give us an idea of what you have. If the collection warrants us a trip, then no distance is too far for us to come to you.

How do you pay?

We always pay cash so you are guaranteed funds.

Do you have a store or store hours?

We do have a physical location where customers can bring items in for us to review and make offers on, but our location is warehouse as we sell 100% online. We do not sell directly out of our store. We are at our store M-T 10-4 and Fri/Sat/Sun by appointment.